Tripod tricks you can use for video

Some tips and tricks that you can use for video with a tripod. In a fall-down crane shot, the camera moves in a downward arc towards the subject, while a rise-up crane shot does the opposite. It’s called a crane shot because ideally, you would be using just that, however, it’s easy enough to recreate with your tripod.

Tracking shot


In a tracking shot, the camera follows a person physically as they move. In big film productions it’s often achieved using a track, however, a decent stabilisation system will also do the trick. A few adjustments to your tripod and it can help you achieve a decent tracking shot.

Steadicam shot


If you want to keep your camera steady then you need a decent amount of weight to counterbalance it. Your tripod should be able to provide that, as long as you hold it in the right way.

Slider shot


You can get a decent recreation of a slider shot using a tripod. This is one where you might want to use a little post-production stabilisation on the end product, though. Just a touch.

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