The art of nature: The secret canyon of Cyprus


Somewhere in the national park of Cyprus,near at Lara Bay which is the only beach in the Mediterranean renowned for its Greenback turtle conservation programme, we explored a narrow and exciting gorge which is about 10km. It takes 8 hours approximately to reach the end of it. As you get further in the rock walls get higher and closer together, and you have to start crossing the river backwards and forwards. The Avakas gorge was created by a raging stream which was flowing over the limestone for thousands of years, creating walls up to 30 meters in height and magnificent rock formations and is 3km long.

The head gorge is about 1km
Calculate about half an hour of getting to the most narrow point. After this, you need to start climbing.
There is a rock that got caught on its way down and is stuck overhead between the gorge walls, and some trees that grow out of the rock above, with roots snaking all the way down.img_7955




Photos: George Christophorou

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