Must go: Film Premiere and Debate: The Crisis Caravan

Sunday 27 of November at 8pm- 10pm

Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017RR Amsterdam

A film by Boris Paval Conen

Investigative journalist Linda Polman (author of the book The Crisis Caravan) slides to the debate Arjan Hehenkamp (director of Doctors without Borders) and Thea Hilhorst (Professor of humanitarian aid and reconstruction). They speak about the social and moral dilemmas in humanitarian aid. With a philosophical essay by Professor of Ethics Martin van Hees.

With a truck full of relief supplies drives the billionaire businessman Vincent through war zones in Africa to the small hospital that he built. With his own NGO Vincent thinks he can make a difference. Nkosi, an experienced aid worker in Africa, is cynical about the white man’s mission. He sees how aid is being abused and how societies further disrupted.
With, among others Stefan de Walle, Khaya Mthembu

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