Urbex Connection: The bull and the fox capture abandoned sceneries

Two French brothers decided to join their artistic talent and to create a photography team called “Urbex Connection”. They came up with the name as a shortcut of Urban Exploration for the discipline, and Connection for the meeting point  between the abandoned places and the people who don’t know them.

They decided to start this project last summer and they create two characters who could speak to everyone in all around the world. They try different kinds of masks, and finally they chosen animals masks. The Bull and the Fox mask reveal some part of their personalities. The White colour contrast the sadness of the abandoned scenery.

How many years are you into photography and how did you decide to follow this path?

We are two in the team and we started exploring photography since we were kids. Our grandfather was a professional photographer and he transmitted to us the power of the photography. We started photographing with an old argentine camera Konica Z-up 60  and then with our first payment we bought a new camera ( canon 40D in 2007 ). In 2014 we made an update with two new cameras to continue our progress in photography.

What sort of work do you specialise in?

The team is specialised in Urban Exploration. We would like to make something new in  urban exploration. A new perspective to an abandoned building, ship, plane which participate in the history of our country and now are forgotten.

What inspires you to create such a great imagery?

We found inspiration in many aspects as cinema and music. For example, in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” we love the colour correction, the low colour, the cold image and the creation of a special atmosphere. Daft Punk is the band who inspired us to design our character.

What kind of equipment do you use?

For our urban exploration we use different camera ( canon 7D & Nikon D7000 ) This year we are trying to introduce a video in a gallery, so we have a small camera ( DJI Osmo ). This work shows a new look on abandoned places.

How important is Photoshop on your final images?

We use another version of photoshop which is Lightroom for the editing of our pictures. This software is the right software for us. So we consider the use of the Lightroom important for us

Which is your favourite picture?

Our favourite photograph is this one :

UC (18).jpg

This picture was shoot inside an old cooling tower somewhere in France. The place was amazing. It’s like inside the Dath Star  from Star Wars Movie. All was grey and dark. No sound, no wind just an amazing place which unfortunately will be collapse soon.

If you had to choose one place in to your country to shoot every day, which will be?

It’s impossible for us to choose only one place, but if we have to shoot every day it will be in the countryside of France. There is a lot of forgotten places there. Castles, houses, Sanatoriums. People don’t have enough money to maintain these place so they collapse day by day. In the other side is a good chance for us to take some good shots.

Where would be your dream destination assignment?

We find a lots of amazing forgotten places in many countries, we are planned to go to the exclusion zone near Chernobyl to see the abandoned city. We found some amazing graveyards and some other places in USA.