In the fashion world of Sandrine and Micheal

SM a tailor-made perspective which will reveal a glimpse of a stolen moment’s simplicity… SM, a photographic duo in town as well as on the scene. The artistic shock happens in 2001 in a photo lab: 2 creative sensibilities meet. Sandrine, at the age of 13, with photography running through her veins prefers skipping school so as to shoot her little brothers with her Zenith in the woods. At 18, her first perfume campaign followed straight away by her first exhibition. Their minds instantly spark each other off and everything falls into place in her inner universe”???? Michael, former student from Louis Lumière, Paris, is first enticed by cinema. Very quickly, he will learn the ropes as a creative in many advertising agencies. The former eternally-frustrated & bottom of the class guy develops and expands with the contact of corporate clients. Then the meeting with Sandrine, and this becomes the catalyst for his true artist sensitivity which would express itself through photos from then on. As they meet, London becomes the creative cradle of the pair. Their Work and family life all takes place in the heart of their photo studio located in West London. Suitcases and spotlights next to their two children’s dolls and playthings: ” S.M.or the photo lifestyle !